Cool Garden Décor Ideas To Get You Started

When you are looking for good garden décor ideas the thing to keep in mind is that you want the outdoor space that you are about to decorate to be relaxing. This might sound like really simple idea but it’s one that many people forget when they are choosing garden décor. Many of the ideas that apply to decorating the inside of your home apply to landscaping. So think of it as decorating any room in your house. Think about making your outdoor space as relaxing as you would want your living room or bedroom to be.

Garden Décor You Love

One thing that home and garden décor have in common is that the most successful decorating theme or idea incorporates things you love. If there’s a particular color that you love then find a way to incorporate into your garden décor. You can do this by choosing certain flowers or ever painting your lawn furniture your favorite color. If you collect anything such as shells, bottles, or antiques you can place these items in your garden and display them proudly.

Garden décor is welcoming and relaxed when you choose plenty of color. A weather-beaten set of wicker chairs or an old bench can be given new life with some colorful throw pillows or a brightly colored rug. Don’t worry about the pillows matching, have fun with different patterns and mismatched pillow sizes.

If you like to spend time in your garden at night or love to eat outdoors then outdoor lighting is essential to your garden décor. You can create outdoor lighting that is beautiful without spending much. One way is to make your own lanterns with old tin cans or mason jars that have been cleaned out.

Put a fat candle in one of these containers and then hang it up wherever you would like with wire. Another alternative is to use paper or fabric lanterns, these are both very cheap to buy and they look beautiful in any garden. String them on planter’s hooks for a more organic feel.

Enjoying your garden requires comfortable seating. If you find lawn furniture uncomfortable or unattractive why not use indoor furniture? Old recliners or couches can be used outdoors and you can match them to your garden décor with new cushion covers and fabric. Again don’t be afraid that your furniture doesn’t match. If you don’t have old furniture laying around look at garage sales for furniture you can recycle at home.