Who Would Like Western Bathroom Décor?

Western bathroom décor means different things to different people. When you suggest it as an interior master bathroom theme, you better be sure you and the bathroom owner are thinking of the same ideas. For example, if the bathroom owner was from Asia or was raised in an Asian family, then having a porcelain toilet and trappings could be considered western bathroom décor, because that’s what bathrooms in the western world look like.

Western Bathroom Décor: Cowboy Kitsch

When a lot of North Americans hear the words “western bathroom décor”, they think of cowboy kitsch. These include such wince-producing items as bucking bronco shower curtains, real horseshoes imbedded in the floor, a brass spittoon and a saddle-shaped toilet. But more and more interior designers and manufactures of bathroom fixtures mean a lot more than that.

Western Bathroom Décor: Urban Cowboy

Modern western bathroom décor is far more subtle, using earth tones and emphasizing a look of wood or stone over marble or tile. The wood or stone might not even be real wood or stone, but just something that looks very much like the real thing. It depends how much you are willing to spend, and how water-resistant the material is.

Added decorations for western bathroom décor include images of native bird or animal life from the American West, Native American designs on the trimming or a hat rack reminiscent of those from Wild West saloons. There still is some cowboy kitsch for those who are fond of it, such as boot-shaped toothbrush holders and cactus-shaped soap dispensers.

Economic Urban Cowboy

Perhaps your bathroom is littered with beach bathroom décor and you want to change it to western theme. Maybe you don’t have the money to replace fixtures or the floor. You can do some minor changes which can shift the overall feel of the bathroom. These include getting new small fixtures like a soap dispenser or toilet paper holder. Getting rid of the plastic wastepaper basket and using an old but clean terra cotta flower pot of a wicker basket can certainly help.

You can also make major shifts in tone with just your choice of towels, shower curtain and floor rug. You might get rid of a floor rug or add a rug that looks vaguely like a Navaho blanket. You could have get rid of the moldy seashell shower curtain and get one in earth tones or even with horses or cows on it. Every little bit helps.