The Versatility Of Beach Bathroom Décor

One of the most popular design themes for any bathroom is that of the beach. This is only natural, as there is a lot of water splashed around in a bathroom and so beach bathroom décor can make routine tasks like taking a shower or brushing your teeth a little more fun surrounded by images of the seaside. It can be as silly or as serious as you like. It can be ultra-modern or filled with rustic bathroom décor. You are limited only by your imagination, your budget and how much your roommates will tolerate.

Beach Bathroom Décor Color Schemes

Usually, beach bathroom décor is centered around the colors of blue and white. These are the stereotypical colors of water. But you don’t have to stay with those colors, although they probably won’t go far away. If you ever really observe the ocean, you’ll note that it’s generally shades of green and not blue. Some people also like to have sandy-colors to emphasize the beach as well as the ocean waves.

And, if you can’t afford to repaint the walls or choose a new sink, tub or toilet, you can at least center the rest of the beach bathroom décor around these seaside color schemes. You can get small fixtures or a clock or towels that help try to create the new bathroom theme you want.

Beach Bathroom Décor: Resist The Urge

There are some things you definitely don’t want to add to a beach bathroom décor, even if they are overtly related to water, the beach or the creatures that live in the ocean. Having a singing mounted fish should definitely be avoided at all costs. Putting a fishing rod up on the walls should also be avoided, because accidents can happen. Also, you don’t want a weapon handy if you get into an argument with your roommates over the beach bathroom décor.

What About Shells?

Some people go truly overboard in their desire to mimic the beach. They not only have shell designs on the shower curtain, but a scallop shell shaped toilet lid, shell shaped guest soaps and hundreds of the real thing scattered about the room. Although it’s nice to keep a theme, don’t go to an extreme.

Real shells should not be in a bathroom, even one with a beach bathroom décor. When they break, they can be sharp as glass (depending on the species). Also, the corrosive chemicals in tap water steam and the water itself corrode the shells and eventually cause them to dissolve.