The Inviting Appeal of Tuscan Kitchen Décor

There is nothing like stepping in a cozy Italian eatery with a wood-burning stove. The welcoming atmosphere makes you feel like you stepped into a home in Tuscany, preparing to feast on a hearty Italian dish. Tuscan kitchens have always been a place for family and friends to gather, and you can bring this same atmosphere into your home with Tuscan kitchen décor.

Natural, Fabulous and Functional Tuscan Kitchen Décor

Tuscan kitchens typically reflect the sunny country side, so you should start by painting your walls a warm orange, yellow or gold to mimic the abundant Tuscan sunshine. You can give your walls the appearance of rough stucco, or add a stenciled border that uses a fruit or grape vine motif. The landscape in Tuscany is rich and robust, and if you are artistic and brave, you can incorporate this scenery as a backsplash on your walls. On a smaller scale, the many colors of nature and wines that are so prevalent in this region can be incorporated in Tuscan kitchen décor accessories that are both functional and pleasing.

Accessories in a Tuscan themed kitchen should give the room a cozy feel and also scream “eat well and be well”. Canister sets, large bowls and dishes in bright, vibrant colors that use a mixed fruit motif are a good choice. Add to this woven baskets, towels and oven mitts that use a grape or wine motif. You can even mix in some rooster kitchen décor, perhaps in the form of a serving tray or wall plaque to add some Italian country charm.

Tuscan Kitchen Décor Charm

Another fabulous way to add Tuscan charm to your kitchen is with a wrought iron pot rack. These racks can help you keep pots and pans organized and can also be used to hang woven strands of garlic and other drying vegetables, as well as utensils. These items will always be handy and have such a natural Tuscan appeal at the same time, adding to your Tuscan kitchen décor. Olive oil bottles, Tuscan style trivets, Italian wines, copper containers, and cutting boards are also very appealing and always ready for use.

Perhaps the most central Tuscan kitchen décor is the table, preferably a large, wooden one. Keeping your available space in mind, the table should be a comfortable place for everyone to gather. Placemats, napkins and wine glasses complete the Tuscan kitchen décor. A Tuscan style kitchen is truly as much wonderful as it is functional. Salute!