Suggestions For Unique Christmas Tree Décor

Christmas is one of the most magical and wondrous times of the year. Decorating for this season can be as early as September. Many people strive to have beautiful and unique decorations that will stand out and make the season even more memorable and heartfelt. Christmas tree décor is something that many want to be eye-catching and unique.

Color Schemes For Christmas Tree Décor

Christmas tree décor can be made unique by having an interesting color scheme. A unique idea for Christmas tree décor is to have a single color scheme. Depending on the color of the Christmas tree, the décor can either blend with it or stand out from it. It may be best to have the décor stand out and be attractive compared to having a monotonously hued tree. If the Christmas tree is green, red is a great Christmas color to decorate it with. Gold is also another Christmas color that goes well with a green tree. This Christmas decor idea can be applied to wreaths and other decorations around the house.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are what often bring a tree to life. There are many different kinds of Christmas tree décor that can be attractive and unique. Ornaments that depict Christmas are the usual décor that one uses as Christmas tree décor. To continue with traditional aspect, the ornaments should coordinate with the tree’s size. To make this unique, a combination of ornaments can be done. Ornaments such as a candy cane can be combined with holly or bells to make the ornaments appear bigger and more cheerful. Other unique combinations for Christmas tree décor are rocking horse and sprigs of holly, drums and ribbons, stars and pine cones and many others.

Christmas Tree Décor Ribbons

Ribbons are a great help for Christmas tree décor. To make the idea unique, the ribbon can be tied at the top of the tree and then wound around the tree until it reaches the end. This Christmas tree décor idea will require the use of a long ribbon especially for bigger or taller trees. For a more festive look, for each layer of tree branches, a bow can be made and then proceed again to winding the ribbon around the tree. Ribbons can also be made into swags for every other layer or branches of the tree. Another Christmas tree décor idea with ribbons is to tie several rolls of wired ribbon at the top and then let them roll down. To make this more unique, crimp or tie a bow using the ribbons on the branches of the Christmas tree.