Interesting Outdoor Wedding Décor Ideas

When you have an outdoor wedding the outdoor wedding décor should incorporate certain elements of your surroundings. This is after all why you decided to have your wedding outdoors. There are little touches that you can add from the centerpieces to the chairs that will make it feel more natural.

The important thing to remember about outdoor wedding décor is that it should be kept simple and casual. An outdoor wedding is more relaxed than one held indoors at a hotel or restaurant. This can be a very affordable way to have a wedding as you don’t have to decorate too much, hopefully your location does a lot of the work for you.

Outdoor Wedding Décor: Centerpieces

Centerpieces are often very expensive; with an outdoor wedding you can save a lot on this part of the decorations. Because you want a relaxed feel you don’t want the typical arrangements. If you really want it to feel relaxed why not choose mason jars filled with flowers as your centerpieces. With the right flowers this can be a simple and very pretty part of your outdoor wedding décor.

Another centerpiece idea is to have a small watering can filled with flowers as your centerpiece. You can buy small watering cans from a dollar store. This is a cheap and fun way to decorate. Another alternative would be to use fish bowls and float flowers and candles in them for an elegant touch.

Outdoor Wedding Décor: Gazebo

If you are going to be married under a gazebo or arch then the outdoor wedding décor will probably be concentrated on this area. If the bride is entering the garden from a house then be sure to make sure that the decorations extend to outdoor patio décor. Flower arrangements on these structures should be kept flowing and natural, anything too structured looks stiff and out of place in outdoor wedding décor.

Outdoor Wedding Décor Lighting

If lighting is needed for a reception or ceremony that goes into the evening then make sure it fits with your theme. Fabric and paper lanterns are beautiful and inexpensive. Another option, though perhaps a little harder to execute, is to have lights in bird cages in trees and around the area where the wedding is being held.

This is another unusual touch that can add to your overall outdoor wedding décor. If bugs are going to be a problem then citronella candles are a must to keep your guests happy. There’s nothing like bug bites to ruin a wedding.