IKEA kitchen: A cooking haven designed by you.

It is a must for Mom’s or for everyone who loves to cook to have a well-equipped kitchen. It is where preparation of food, utensils, cookware, including the ambiance and everything took place .

For references of designs and lay-outs, there are magazines to look at . For IKEA, aside from their catalogue, they have their IKEA kitchen planning tool . Without getting out of your chair, IKEA kitchen tool lets you appreciate the whole new look of a kitchen.

The tool can have your dream kitchen in 3-D layout by dragging and dropping pieces into outline, trying different colors and you can have them printed and informs you of the total cost of an IKEA kitchen.

IKEA is known for its affordable furniture up to bits and pieces besides from this kitchen tool . Contemporary or farmhouse styles are best promoted by IKEA kitchen designs . IKEA kitchens are typically do-it-yourself .

Because of their style and cool accessories you can pick up at IKEA store, their presentation exceeds the cost they present .

IKEA wanted buyers to have their own style . You can pick up your style, choose cabinets of your choice, and appliances, with your personal touch to it from IKEA store .

From their earned star-meter, IKEA has commissioned a report with the laboratory to explore what would the future kitchen looks like in the near future . They named it INTUITIV, from EEG-based readers tuned to the person’s brainwaves to intelligent virtual chefs that have recipe recommendations with LED light projections adjusting to your mood.

At the touch of a button, this intelligent kitchen will predict its occupant’s needs with smart technology which will make everything happen.

Along with this impressive idea of converting kitchens towards the future, IKEA have available instructional materials on how to install their kitchen products where you can design and order your kitchen all in one.

IKEA is one of the best-known for ready-to-assemble items and they let you save time and money by assembling the do-it-yourself concept and hire an experienced IKEA-approved installer that may cost you less .