IKEA catalogue at its finest

IKEA catalogue or IKEA catalog is a (in US) is a popular mail-order catalogue by the Swedish home furnishing dealer published annually. It was introduced first in Swedish language in 1951 and each summer, it is published in 55 different editions, 27 languages for 37 countries .

It was used as the primary marketing tool by IKEA, taking 70% of the company’s yearly marketing budget . Approximately, the catalogue prints 175 million copies worldwide .

The IKEA Catalogue contains about 300 pages and around 12,000 products that are disseminated over the stores or by mail to household who have registered for IKEA catalogue for themselves.

Most IKEA catalogues were printed where the largest communication, photo studio and IKEA store is located, the AB communications in Sweden.

For a number of affordable and stylish products for the home and office, IKEA catalogue includes these to count . Kitchen, Wardrobe, TV Media and Storage and Sofa’s are the subdivisions of IKEA catalogue .

Simplicity is what IKEA catalogues differs from others . Majority of the people can easily understand what can be done in the catalog in a few minutes after the first visit . What makes it more striking to clients is the opportunity to choose the one you liked the most .

Aside from the stores and home owners, it can also be accessed online . With the same features and lay outs from the usual brochure, IKEA catalogue online makes the goods alluringly available . �

If people see the products and find it attract, the more they will like it make a purchase for them, possibilities are becoming regular clients of the company.

IKEA catalogue is priced from its novelty. People has already been accustomed to using recently invented goods to belong into one of the few modernized in the society

The more people will visit the company and see the goods if better catalogue goods were presented . IKEA present the goods as well as their services through the catalogue to help the company promote its production by including their structure, designs and prices .