Objects You Can Create Using Hypertufa

A hypertufa is a porous anthropic rock that is made basically using Portland cement with peat moss, and perlite or vermiculite. It is inspired by tufa, a naturally occurring rock produced from a precipitation of carbonate minerals. A hypertufa is very light and can be further strengthened with the addition of sand and nylon fiber mesh. And as it is very porous, a hypertufa is well suited for plant growth. As a result, most hypertufa projects are made for gardening ornaments.

You can find limitless possibilities for a hypertufa project, all you need to have, besides of course from the materials, is a creative imagination and a suitable mold. Molds are essential to your hypertufa projects because they fundamentally determine the end result of your project. You can use styrofoams, plastic, metal and terra cotta containers, boxes, bowls, toys, balls, discs as molds for your projects. Another good strategy to get unique molds is to go through the junk that is lying in your house. It’s also possible to produce your own molds if you want using wood, polystyrene foam used in house insulation, and Styrofoam. Use your imagination and be inventive by mixing various molds in a single project. Just make sure that you take care of your molds using release agents such as garbage bags, lubricants, and plastics, so that they will not be destroyed after making your hypertufa project.

The most common and least difficult to make hypertufa project is a planter or trough. They are easy to create considering that the mold that you’ll require for that project can easily be found in the house, for instance cardboard boxes, plastic containers, Styrofoam ice chests, and so on.

You may also make a hollow garden sphere as a hypertufa project. These garden spheres are wonderful decorations as they look very stylish and artsy. To do this project, you can use inflatable exercise balls and beach balls. You may also enhance these spheres by adding hardware cloth strips throughout the ball just before applying the hypertufa mixture.

Another hypertufa project that may be made are stepping stone rocks for your lawn. You can use discs, plates or any flat objects as your mold for this kind of project. Furthermore, you have to use a heavy and strengthened hypertufa mixture for this project as they need to be strong if they are to be walked upon.

Imitation rocks and statues are also another possible hypertufa project. These type of projects are harder to create as you need to be very inventive in the process of creating one, as some of the procedure varies from the usual method. You also need to make your own molds for these kinds of project. However, these projects are the most fulfilling ones to build, once you have successfully created them.