Building Your Own Hypertufa Pots

Hypertufa is a man-made rock that is popular for gardening. They are commonly built as pots because unlike those made from concrete, they are way lighter and they do not split in the winter. They are also rather attractive due to their rustic porous look, giving them a more natural feel. Hypertufa pots can be used on various kinds of plants but they are particularly beneficial on succulent types.

To make a hypertufa pot, you’ll need an appropriate mold that can hold or contain the plant. Take into account the shape and size of the mold that you will be utilizing for the envisioned result of your creation. You may use cardboard boxes, buckets, trash cans, styrofoam chests, and even pots as a mold for your hypertufa. Protect your mold with trash bag or if it’s made of plastic, apply oil lubricants to it. This will make sure that you will be capable of removing the mold afterwards, when your hypertufa hardens.

The second stage is creating your hypertufa mixture. You will need 1 part Portland cement, 1½ parts peat moss, and 1½ parts perlite for your pot. Mix the ingredients well and slowly and gradually put water until it reaches the sticky, mud-pie consistency. Then apply the mixture to the mold that you have prepared. It’s up to you which facet to apply the mixture on but remember that putting it inside will render a pot smaller than your mold while putting it outside can cause a abrasive, unequal underside to your pot. Do not forget to include drainage openings below your pot using a stick. Make sure that the mixture doesn’t flow back to cover the holes you recently made.

Right after applying your mixture, cover a plastic bag around your wet pot and allow it to sit for about three days right until it solidifies. After that take away the mold off the hypertufa in a really careful manner. Roughen the sides using a wire brush to give it a more natural appearance. Next, return your pot in the plastic bag and put it once more in a protected location. The pot will be all set in about three weeks time. Don’t forget to leach it initially with water for a few days prior to planting on it as Portland cement contains high amount of lime which can be bad for plants.