How To Approach Outdoor Patio Décor

Decorating your patio is sometimes the last thing on your list of priorities. There are so many other things that need decorating that you have no energy or budget left for the patio. However outdoor patio décor is very simple and you don’t need to do much to make it look special. Think of your outdoor patio décor project as just another living room you are going to decorate. Think of how you would decorate your living room only you have to keep it simpler.

Privacy Outdoor Patio Décor

Sometimes your patio is more exposed than you would like. There are few ways that you can combine a need for privacy and your outdoor patio décor. Find some long benches, you should be able to find these at garden centers, and place them anywhere you would like to have screened off. Now put some potted plants on the benches and voila you have an instant screen. Use palms and orchids if you would like a tropical outdoor décor feel to the whole thing.


If you are going to do a lot of entertaining on your patio then your outdoor patio décor needs to take into account the activities you will be carrying out. If you envision yourself barbequing on the weekends then you will need to arrange your outdoor patio décor scheme so that it is conducive to weekend cookouts and parties.

Your grill needs to be off to a side so that the smoke and fumes don’t hang over everything. Sitting areas can be further off in the middle or on the opposite side. Separate the two areas with a rug if you don’t want a physical divider such as an island or bar stools and counter.

Outdoor Patio Décor And Easy Maintenance

Your outdoor furniture is going to be exposed to the elements quite a bit. For this reason you need to take into consideration ease of maintenance when choosing your outdoor patio décor. Choose machine washable covers and look for weather proof pillows. This way you don’t have to clean often and when you do it’s very easy.

The furniture you choose should also be able to withstand time outdoors. Choose woods that are treated and hardy. Remember to make space for your leisure time activities. Whether that’s music, reading, or just enjoying a glass of wine. The right tables are a must for a CD player, a stash of books and magazines, or a small wine rack to rest some bottles.