Your Personal Wedding Money Tree

From different nations, they believe that prosperity and good luck comes with the money tree . Soon after that, it has been one of the practical gifts for weddings . Usually, newly-wed couples need cash to start out with their new life . And then, wedding money tree has been one of the gifts that can be given to newly-married couples. The money that they have can be invested over some items for the home or to nursery . A wedding money tree should be given in the context of respecting one’s cultural tradition is not just as a money gift . Creating a wedding money tree is a creative way of expressing your gesture to wish the couple a good start in life . Wedding money tree can be created with these steps:

* Select a sturdy material from the craft store . Craft that will not go beyond 1 ft. is better. A white craft tree is a good option for a wedding .

* From the value you have, breakdown the bills into smaller denominations. Prefer smaller denominations on the cash value you have at hand. If the amount is large, you may consider getting a few 20s .

* Place the bills horizontally over a flat surface . From the bottom, fold the bill in an accordion fashion.

* By folding the bills in half, make it out something in the form of small fan.

* Use the ribbon to loosely tie each of the fanned bills to a branch of the decorative tree .

* At the top, finish the tree by placing a decorative bow on it. Choose white, silver, or gold ribbon to make the bow, which gives the gift a more wedding-like appearance . You can give as it is or you can wrap it in a box.

* If you’re having difficulties over bill fanning, you can roll it instead like the form of a diploma then tie it to the branch of the tree .

* To give enough balance for the tree, evenly distribute the bills among the branches of the tree, looking like decorations on a Christmas tree

* Put some limits. Remember that the bride and groom will have to untie all of the bills .