The amazing story behind Chinese Money tree

Millions of individuals around the world believe that the Chinese money tree brings good luck and fortune. For this reason, many homeowners who harbor such belief buy or grow Chinese money tree to be placed in important parts of the home so it can attract good fortune. Because of this, a lot people are interested in knowing the story behind the importance if Chinese money tree. This article reveals an amazing Chinese legend behind the Chinese money tree.

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, Chinese people knew of a certain tree called yaoqianshu. According to these folks, coins fall to the ground whenever this tree is shaken. Naturally, these are special kind of trees that are even mentioned in historical texts dated as far as the 3rd century AD. Although there are different versions behind the legendary Chinese money tree, here is one story that is well-liked by the Chinese.

Once upon a time, an old white-haired man gave a one-of-a kind seed to a peasant. The old man taught the peasant to grow the seed by constantly watering it daily ; however, this was quite difficult since the peasant had to use his own sweat to water the plant. The peasant had to work hard to produce much sweat which can be used as water. As the plant became bigger, water was not the only nourishment needed to make it grow. The seed had to be watered with drops of blood from the peasant himself. Time passed by and the farmer did as he was instructed thereby growing a money tree. When the tree reached its maximum height, the farmer realized that the tree would produce coins when shaken. As a result, the peasant grew very rich as the Chinese money tree yielded new coins every time the old coins fell to the ground. This made the peasant very wealthy and lived happily for the rest of his life.

The story is just a legend but it does symbolize many things for the Chinese. First of all, it teaches the lesson that hard work is the essence of prosperity. There is no short cut to success but anybody can plant the seed and make it grow by being committed to its growth. Presently, the Chinese money tree is used as a decoration inside the home to attract good luck.