Make the most out of your Feng shui money tree

The New Year is fast approaching and millions of people around the world are hoping for a luckier year ahead. Some cultures especially the Chinese believe that owning a feng shui money tree can make a person have all the good luck by carefully placing it in strategic locations around the house. Feng shui money tree must be guided by the principles of Feng shui that even western world has adapted as advised by people from eastern cultures. Truth is, a feng shui money tree is a plant variety known as Pachira. Pachira is often sold in a plant nursery due to its popularity. In case there’s no available feng shui money tree in your area, try looking for online garden stores and you would see a lot of sites. It is important to realize that when choosing feng shi money tree, they can grow quite tall as much as seven feet. Having said that, there are bonsai feng shui money tree plants that is excellent for indoors.

Feng shui money tree requires minimal maintenance since it needs only little water and plenty of sunlight. It is highly recommended that to shield them from direct sunlight or put them in a shady location.

If you have your own business, the best place for your Feng Shui money tree is next to a spot where there is cash. Most likely, this is the location of the cash register or even the office safe. Some people check a bagua chart first before buying a feng shui money tree so they can harness its luck giving properties. If you scrutinize the bagua chart, you would observe that the Southeast corner of your home is the best location for your feng shui money tree if you want to become financially prosperous. There are other spots inside the home where the feng shui money tree can be placed as long as you strictly follow your Bagua map. In feng shui, the Northwest corner of your home is a correct location, however, you must know first the purpose for doing so.

If you have an outdoor garden, or adequate lawn space, Feng Shui money trees can be put there since enhances the area’s look. Just remember to use the bagua map so you can maximize the benefits of a feng shui money tree.