Looking After Your Pachira Money Tree

Because it is thought to be lucky, Pachira Aquatica Money Tree Plant is one of the preferred plant by homeowners . Living rooms are adorned with it with the natural element of beauty that the plant brings . It is not really that hard caring for a pachira money tree since it is very resilient and can grow in any amount of light . The light of the sun or even low indoor light is enough for the plant. Offices can also be decorated with pachira money tree aside from your house . It can also thrive using minimal water so you don’t have to worry about it all the time . Typically, when you start growing a pachira money tree, you would soon realize that it can really grow tall by as much as 7 feet . The Pachira Money Tree can be cared into several ways:


You should have a good soil to put your pachira money tree. Potting soil mixed with river sand does well, or you can mix perlite in to the soil to help improve drainage . Bear in mind that a good space supports good growth. From the side of the pot and the space between the tree’s root ball, a standard 1 to 2 inches is required approximately.

Step 2

Keep your pachira tree out of direct sunlight because it can cause yellow or brown spot at the tip and for the leaves to burn, instead, place it on a well-lit area . However, shaded or minimal light can also sustain these trees.

After that

Water your money tree sparingly . If you think that the soil and plant is dry enough, it’s time to water the plants.

Step 4

A fertilizer is not really necessary for your Pachira but you can do so, if you like. If you decided to have fertilizer, make use of a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer .


From the stem branching, trim the leaves back regularly to promote thicker and bushier growth. Pruning will also tend to limit the size of the plant . To give you a Pachira Tree, trim less as possible and only do when you want to eliminate unhealthy stems and leaves.