Grow your own braided money tree

Raising a braided money tree is actually simpler than most people would think. It surely requires a lot of dedication that must continue until the tree has reached its maturity, but requires simple steps along the way that any beginner can easily accomplish.

The braided money tree has five to seven leaves per stem; leaves that are bright green and glossy. It can be said that the braided money tree plant is flexible and resilient plant in regard to the conditions in which it is grown, can grow in bright light or low light, regular watering or minimal watering, kept indoors or outdoors. Because of it’s hardiness as well as its lovely appearance, the braided money tree is ideal for any home. When a braided tree is your preference, the variety to purchase is the Pachira aquatic money tree.

One of the most creative methods of growing and displaying the Pachira is as a braided money tree plant. In fact, most of the plants sold are already in the braided form; including two or three separate plants whose stems intertwine resembling a single erect stem.To start cultivating the Pachira aquatic and begin the braiding process, either starting the plant by seed or by cuttings would be a good start.New shoots will usually be seen emerging out from the tree trunk, and these side shoots can also be utilized for cultivating a new plant.

To grow your own braided money tree, plant cuttings, side shoots or seedlings place them close together in a container. As the plants begin to grow, begin handling the small plants to twine loosely around one another in braided form; allow enough space for the stems to broaden without damaging one another. While the plants are becoming taller, continue to weave the stems in a braid, carefully tying them with landscape wire, twine or rubber bands. This practice will need to continue throughout the money tree’s growth for best effect.

Placing a braided money tree plant in a home or office is not only lucky but also adds beauty. Since it is hardy and requires less maintenance, the plant will thrive well in most surroundings. Regardless if the plant is purchased in the braided form, or if it is begun as seedlings and trained, this lucky charm plant will live a long life.