Be resourceful: Create your own money tree gift

Are you having a dilemma when it’s time to give gifts when there’s an occasion? Be resourceful and start creating your own money tree which is becoming a popular gift for different occasions. First, the money tree gift is very convenient since the receiver has the option to buy whatever he wants using the money. This makes gift giving hassle-free and lessening the incidence of giving an inappropriate gift. Also, the amount given can be adjusted according to your finances. Most of all, the materials required in creating a money tree gift can be easily bought at your favorite craft store. If you want to make your own money tree gift, then just follow the steps below:

1) Look for a small branch between 18 and 36 inches tall depending on how big you the money tree would be. The branch should have many smaller limbs to hang dollar bills. The first step needed before you plaster the tree into a pot, coat it first with paint such as metallic color or any color you want.

2) Buy a metal or ceramic pot. If the pot has a hole at the bottom, place a tape to cover it. Mix a thick plaster mixture. There must be plaster in the pot making ensuring that the branches are sticking straight out. Allow the pot to sit over night.

3) Try to conceal the hardened plaster with silk moss, grass or leaves. By means of a hot glue gun, stick the moss to the plaster. Try to hide all the plaster around the branch so your pot resembles a tree growing in the green foliage.

4) Begin adding money to the tree. Use any denomination of bills to attach to the tree. Attach the bills to the tree using paper clips or mini clothes pins. You can fold the bills decoratively or just let them hang. It’s up to you.

5) Place small items on the tree branches that complements the occassion or the celebrant. Feel free to use holiday decorations, decorative objects, small trinkets or anything you have. Add little notes to the tree on decorative cards. They can be words of wisdom, poems, songs or IOU’s. Continue adding decorative items if you think that these would make the money tree gift more unique.

Indeed, a money tree gift is a very different way to show your generosity.