Combining Home And Garden Décor

A house does not become a home until you make it your own. If you want your house to truly feel like your home then you should fill it with little touches that make it personal to you. When you combine home and garden décor you can truly make your home feel like it belongs to you. Extend the ideas that you love inside your home to your garden. While some home and garden décor ideas may seem very trendy they may not fit you or the vision you have for your home. So pick only the ones that make you feel comfortable.

Home And Garden Décor – Create Central Focus

You can create a central focus in any part of a room or even your garden. You may have heard of creating a central point of focus indoors but not how you can do this outdoors. This is one way to combine home and garden décor ideas. While indoors you might choose to make a painting, sculpture or a particular piece of furniture the focus; you can do this as well outside.

One way to use this home and garden décor idea is with a trellis or garden bench. A trellis is a great way to make use of space in a small garden. You can grow a variety of flowers or plants on your trellis that you might not otherwise have space for. A garden bench placed in the right area can also be a great way to draw attention.

Don’t be afraid to use unusual lawn and garden décor. An old church pew can be dressed up to be a comfortable garden seat. Choose cute prints that you might think are too kitschy for the inside and go wild outside. A deck is a great idea and if you just add simple touches like a canvas awning it can be dressed up immediately.

Create an outdoor dining area on your deck with a full dining set. It can be a formal one but it’s more fun to have mismatched chairs and an old worn table. Look for solid pieces in garage sales, thrift stores, and other places you might find old furniture.

Wood is great anywhere you can work it into your home and garden décor. It feels natural to use wood in your garden décor. Think of using wooden lanterns, planters, or steps in place of stone. You would be surprised how simply changing building materials can transform your home and garden décor.