Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas For Gifts

Gift wrapping during the holiday season can be fun and creative. You can use Christmas holiday décor to embellish your gift wrapping and make them just as special as the inside. Christmas holiday décor that you can use for gift wrapping embellishment can be anything that you already have or anything that you can buy from a store or even have lying around as your Christmas bathroom décor.

Balls And Other Christmas Holiday Decor Ornaments

Christmas holiday décor which are small enough not to overwhelm a standard size gift can be used to decorate it. Examples of these Christmas holiday décor are balls, stars, plastic flowers, small wreaths, candy canes and many others.

Balls are usually more than two and grouped together to create a bunch of grapes effect. This bunch of balls is then tied to the bow at the center for a festive touch. Other Christmas holiday décor that you can use for this purpose are bells (the tinkly ones would be great for this purpose), pines cones, stars, cherubs and others. The idea is to group two or more of these Christmas holiday décor and make them into a sort of centerpiece for the bow. Since the bunch or group of Christmas holiday décor may be big, a bigger bow may be necessary. Wired ribbon or a ribbon which is stiff enough to sustain its bow might be a good idea for this.

Plastic holiday flowers like poinsettia, holly and mistletoe are also great for decorating a gift. You can tie the poinsettia alone with the bow or combine two poinsettia flowers. Combining the poinsettia with glittery holly leaves and berries can also be a unique idea for Christmas holiday décor for gifts. Small wreaths specifically made to be placed around the base of holiday candles can also be utilized as a centerpiece for a gift. Since these wreaths may be heavier, it is best to use a glue stick to anchor them unto the gift or bow.

Small plastic Christmas holiday décor can also be glued on the wrapping paper itself to create a sea of Christmas symbols. This Christmas holiday décor idea will look best on a solid color wrapping paper. Foil wrapper may not be the best to use since the re may be some degree of difficulty sticking the decorations unto it. Candy canes, Christmas trees, candles, bells and other Christmas holiday décor will look great on Christmas colored wrapping paper.