Christmas Décor Idea Using Old Ornaments And Decorations

Christmas is the time of year where one can get away with using ostentatious decorations. Many people agree that the more the merrier when it comes to decorating for Christmas. One problem with decorating for this season is the expense that it entails. One Christmas décor idea to lessen the blow of expenses is to recycle old decorations and ornaments.

Altering The Décor

Many Christmas décor and ornaments look old and worn out due to dust, dirt and grime. Cleaning them up can improve their appearance and make them look brand new. This Christmas décor idea of cleaning also applies to Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands. For decorations that have lost their shine and glitter, adding glitter can suffice in making them shine again. You might like to change the color of the glitter to make them look different. Silver is the glitter that basically goes well with all other Christmas colors. This Christmas décor idea of adding glitter is not limited to ornaments. Adding a dash of glitter on the tips of some Christmas tree leaves or branches is a great Christmas décor idea. This will alter the look of your old tree and make it look shiny and new.

Christmas Décor Idea – Groupings

Another Christmas décor idea that will help you have sort of new Christmas décor is to make groupings of your current décor. You might like to group together some balls of different sizes with the same color and hang these as a single ornament on the tree. This Christmas décor idea works best with groupings of the same color with about more than eight balls per group. This will have a sort of bunch of grapes look to them. Another Christmas décor idea which can recycle old ornaments is to connect them on a single line and hang them from the ceiling.

Fine, thin string works best for this Christmas décor idea. You can use same size ornaments or a layered look depending on what is available. Hanging about four or five strings embellished with Christmas ornaments will make a corner more interesting. This Christmas holiday décor can also be done with different lengths of string to create an uneven look.

Another Christmas décor idea is to fill up clear crystal vases with smaller balls or ornaments with ether same color or different colors. This Christmas décor idea is not limited to clear vases but also for shallow bowls or dishes.

Reusing old Christmas décor is a great way to save money and be more creative. You can probably think of more Christmas décor ideas by just imagining what looks best for you.