What Is “Tropical Bathroom Décor”?

Of all the themes that can be chosen for a bathroom, one of the most confusing can be a tropical bathroom décor. What does “tropical” even mean?

A Simple Definition Of Tropical Bathroom Décor

“Tropical” means having or using characteristics of the tropics, which is the region directly on either side of the equator. This is generally meant to be the islands in that region.

So how does that relate to a bathroom? Tropical bathroom décor means decorating a bathroom in a style that is an island theme. There are many ways this can be done – many ways to bring the islands into your bathroom at home.

Key Elemnets In Tropical Bathroom Décor:Bringing It Home

First, the overriding plan for the bathroom needs to have an island motif in mind. Take out the cute “Toilet, 5 cents” sign that belongs in a western or country bathroom, and bring in the framed pictures of the islands and tropical plants or animals. Look at everything currently in your bathroom, and see which add to the effect of a tropical bathroom – the décor needs to be purely island.

Key elements in island decorating for a tropical bathroom décor are things like pineapples and palm trees, or bamboo items. These can be as decorative accessories – like a cup by the sink that has bamboo designs on it, or decorative soaps in the shape of pineapples.

You can also use fish in tropical bathroom décor, as long as it is done in a way that isn’t “beachy” but is, instead, tropical. You will know if it works or not.

Bamboo can also be used to make important items for the bathroom, adding to the tropical bathroom décor. Look for a bamboo shelf for towels, or a bamboo curio cabinet or cupboard to hang over the toilet. This type of decorating lends itself easily to fit with the plan of tropical bathroom décor.

Keep in mind the colors you should use in your tropical bathroom décor. Forget the red and orange (unless it is done carefully as accent pieces) and instead focus on blues (sky), green (palm trees) and tan (sand). These colors from nature will be perfect to help bring the islands to your bathroom. Other colors can be used, but gently and in moderation or as accents only!

If you want to invest the money, you can look for wallpaper that helps bring the islands into your home. There are many choices of island wallpaper available – there’s sure to be one you like. Another option is to only use wallpaper as a trim around the ceiling – which is much less expensive and easy to install.