Vintage Bathroom Décor: Making it Work

We often hear about the modern bathroom decoration ideas, but what about vintage bathroom décor? There are some really great types of vintage bathroom decorating ideas that you can run with if you are interested and so inclined. Now if you are interested in getting some vintage bathroom décor, there are a few tips that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Budget For Vintage Bathroom Décor

Before you can go with vintage bathroom décor or any other type for that matter, you are going to have to make sure that you have at least a basic idea of what amount of money you can spend. This is especially important when shopping for vintage items which are often overpriced compared to their more modern counterparts.

Now if you are going with a vintage bathroom design, one of the best areas to focus on is the bathtub. If you have a modern looking tub this is going to throw off the whole look of the room so make sure that you have the right vintage styled tub. A tub with claw feet is the most vintage look that you can get and the most authentic by far.

So for vintage bathroom décor one of the first items for the room you are going to want to purchase is the tub.

Elements Provides SOme OLd Time Effects In Vintage Bathroom Décor

When you are going for a vintage look in the bathroom, you need to make sure that you feature classic elements that hearken back to a simpler time. Pedestal sinks and graceful chrome fittings are some of the most distinctly vintage items that you can include in your bathroom to give it that old time effect.

You are going to want to make sure that everything is very simple and streamlined, and so if you want to have the best vintage bathroom décor you are going to need to make sure that you stick with the right color schemes and materials as well. The vintage bathroom design tends to be towards more masculine themes with rich, deep colors, so you want to stick with these.

Chocolate and burgundy tones work well, and gray is always a great complimentary color in the vintage bathroom themes.

If you need help choosing the décor for your bathroom, you are going to maybe want to speak with a professional interior decorator. This is someone that you are going to be able to talk to one on one and get advice from on this matter.