Tips for choosing Bathroom Decorating Plants And Accessories

When you’re decorating your bathroom, finding plants and accessories can almost become a part time hobby. Once you’ve got your bathroom tile or other décor in place, you’ll want accessories to tie it all together. You’ll find yourself keeping your eyes open all the time to find those items that will be just perfect in your bathroom. That’s great – and truly the best way to find the right accessories and plants, too! If you go out in one day, determined to return with everything you need, chances are you will be disappointed. But if you allow a bit of time, and look in every store you can think of – as well as some you might not have thought of, like thrift stores and garage sales, you might find some awesome surprises when it comes to decorating your bathroom with plants and accessories.

Bathroom Decorating Plants And Accessories For Dim Lighted Bathrooms

As for plants, the biggest consideration is the lighting in your bathroom. If your bathroom has little or no natural light – like an interior bathroom with no window – it isn’t going to work to put a plant in there and just leave it, unless it is really a low light variety. You will also need to think about the water needs for your plant. Best is a plant that can handle the high humidity of a bathroom.

Does that mean you can’t use other types of plants in your bathroom? Of course not! Just remember, you will have to change them frequently – monthly is a realistic schedule. Trade them out with other plants in the house – maybe have two or three that rotate on a monthly basis. When they aren’t in the bathroom, they should be by a sunny window!

You can find great houseplants in many places. Check your local nursery, home improvement store, or dollar store! Be sure you know the needs of the plant – usually listed on a stick that is poked into the dirt, or on a label on the pot. Remember, even if it is flowering well when you buy it, that might change once you get it home and the flowering cycle is over. But it should bloom again!

Consider also getting a plant from a cutting off your other plants, or a friend’s plant. Some types of plants this works with – the ones that get little roots at the nodes (or connections) on the plant. Let the cutting grow roots a bit in a cup of water, then plant them in soil.

Beyond Bathroom Decorating Plants And Accessories

When you’re decorating your bathroom with plants and accessories, keep an eye out in various places for interesting items that will work well in your new bathroom. Check in thrift stores, garage or yard sales, and even dollar stores. Some of the items you might find are specialty soaps, hand towels, art for the walls, or even a wicker or bamboo towel rack or cupboard. Keep your eyes and mind open, and you will find suitable items.