How To Have Beach Theme Bathroom Decor

If you want to have a beach themed bathroom, the décor is important. You can’t have just any colors and styles of towels and soaps, then just hang up a few pictures of the beach and call it beach décor – no sir!

For a beach themed bathroom, think of the décor as a way to bring more of the beach into the room. Look at the décor as a way to emphasize the joys of the beach – of the sand in between the toes, and the wind in your hair. Let the memories of collecting seashells in a bucket come back to life within the walls of your bathroom.

Colors Is Very Important For A Beach Themed Bathroom Decor

The décor colors for this type of bathroom needs to evoke memories of the beach. Rather than bright, eye-catching colors that you might consider using for a western theme, or a modern style bathroom, focus on colors that occur naturally in the beach setting.

First, think of the sky – blue as the bluest sky you’ve ever seen. This type of blue works really well in a beach themed bathroom – it fits the décor.

Next, think of the sand – the tan colors of the sand, as it runs through your fingers when you pick up a handful of it. The sand is a lot of different colors, if you look at it closely – so choose shades of tan that work with the other colors you are using, and more than one neutral can be used if you want.

Consider the water. If you’re on a good beach, the classic type of beach, the water is aqua – a smooth blue-green. This shade of aqua can be used together with the blue or stand alone.

What of the coral and shells on the beach? The color of coral, a type of pinky-orange, together with brownish shades of shells, is another color that works well in the décor of a beach themed bathroom.

Other Things To Think About For Bathroom Decorating Tips

Some other ideas for decorating a beach bathroom are to have other items that are “beachy” on the counters or walls. For example, a photo or art of the beach is a nice addition, as are hand soaps in the shape of shells.

Think about looking for a shower curtain that has shells on it, or is decorated like the sand, water, and clouds. Or watch for hand towels that have shells or waves on them. Even a hand soap dispenser can be bought that has a decorative water with starfish and other fish on it, tying it in well with the beach bathroom theme for décor.