French Bathroom Décor Adds Romance And Nostalgia To The Bathroom

The main reason to opt for French bathroom décor is that a person wishes their bathroom to be more romantic as well as nostalgic. There are also a number of excellent options to choose from including the Parisian style and the chateau style that help to provide an element of class as well as luxury. In fact, for many long years French bathroom décor has been the mainstay of bathroom décor and by adding oak to the décor you can get a more attractive finish.

French Bathroom Décor: Modern Or Traditional

What’s more, you can opt for modern or more traditional French bathroom décor and here too there is much to choose from. Many people refer to a French bathroom as the powder room because it signifies a place where people pamper them.

You can add some strong and earthly colors to the showering area and a typical French bathroom décor idea for this part of the bathroom is making use of wall mounted showers that is installed exactly above the bathtub. The bath can be free standing and either classic roll top bath or slipper bath which will add to the appeal of the French bathroom décor.

Every French bathroom décor idea needs to incorporate what the French invented and which is known as a bidet which today can be found in traditional as well as modern designs and this is essential to your designing.

The best design for a French bathroom décor in traditional style is choosing a cistern that is placed at a higher level so that the bathroom looks more classic. On the other hand, if you wish your bathroom to look more modern then you needs to use a close-coupled toilet.

The rest of the French bathroom décor ideas include decorating the bathroom for which the best options are earthenware as well as metal containers that are well suited for keeping your toiletries as well as towels. For the mirror, an artwork model can prove to be more suitable than the simple and frameless mirror. And, the walls can be adorned with wall tapestry as well as some iron.

For those of you who wish to use French country bathroom décor it pays to add a few choice decorations and even go whole hog and use items such as claw footed tubs as well as a similar pedestal sink. Also, you need to pay special attention to the lighting and also throw in items such as rugs to complete the look.