Favorite Bathroom Decor Accessories

Before you decorate your bathroom, think about some common types of bathroom décor and accessories. There are several themes, or styles of decorating, that have been popular for a long time. You might like them too, as have many generations before you.

Colors:Important Aspect Of Bathroom Decors Accessories

Certain colors have been popular for bathroom décor and accessories. The classic combination of black and white, for example, is easy to use in decorating, especially a bathroom. Other colors, with smaller uses of accent colors, can be used effectively to decorate a bathroom. For example, a deep red can be used as a main color, with deep green used effectively as an accent color. The color can be used on the walls, curtains or blinds, shower curtain, towels, soaps, soap dispenser, and/or artwork.

Type Of Bathroom Decors and Accessories:Where In The World Is….Your Bathroom?

Some people like to have a certain place (Paris, Venice, etc.) or a type of place (beach, mountains, etc.) be a focus for their bathroom décor and accessories. Their ideas can come from a trip they’ve taken, or would like to take some day.

For those who love the ocean, the beach or sea shore is a common theme, with its tan and blue or aqua for colors, and coral as an additional color.

A French bathroom is also fun to decorate for. The bathroom décor and accessories can be built around any theme you want!

Children Themes For Bathroom Decors and Accessories

Some people enjoy decorating their bathroom with a theme that can best be described at “childhood.” the artwork celebrates childhood, and the decorative elements – like soap container, toys in bathtub or in a basket by the tub, and hand towels, are all geared to the younger set. Primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – are the perfect colors to use in a bathroom with this theme.

Time Periods,Another Style Of Bathroom Decors and Accessories

A time period can work as a bathroom décor and accessories, too. Architectural elements can be introduced in the room that are reminiscent of that time, along with decorative accessories that fit well with that theme.

Think of a Western styled room, complete with soap-on-a-rope (or other ropes) and western colors and prints. This can be a lot of fun for a home in the country, or a home that wishes it were in the country!

Another time that works very well in a bathroom is Ancient Rome. With the columns of the ancient baths and luxurious towels, adding in wallpaper with grapes on it, maybe, you can have a bathroom with décor and accessories that seems to be right out of Ancient Rome.