Changing Bathroom Décor

There are so many different fun and exciting options for changing bathroom décor. When deciding on an overhaul to a bathroom, one of the first things to look at is what type of furniture is already in the bathroom and who is going to be using it, such as looking for kids’ bathroom décor. Once those decisions and supplies are decided and looked at, then the individual is ready to start making plans for changing the bathroom décor.

Bathroom Décor Steps and Options

If the bathroom is a small space, then lighter colors should be used on the cabinetry and walls to make it feel more open. If there is a way to let in some natural light through a small window or skylight that is very helpful as well to making the bathroom feel more open. If it is not an option, it is important to have a lot of good lighting through lighting fixtures in the bathroom to help it to feel more open. Additional mirrors are another option in small bathroom décor to help the space to feel roomier.

If the bathroom does have a lot of space already, it is still a great idea to let in as much natural lighting as possible. The more light, the more options there are in furniture in bathroom décor. For instance, if a bathroom is larger and well lit, then darker cabinetry can be used such as cherry or mahogany, or similar colors of wood or stain.

This adds a richer feel in bathroom décor and also provides more options in the colors that can be used. While small bathrooms will often be painted in a white, cream, yellow, or other light color, larger bathrooms can be painted in richer colors depending on the theme. Usually soothing colors such as green and blue are used in the bathroom to add to the calming effect of a bath or shower.

If there are not many options in storage space in a small bathroom, the bathroom décor can be added to through the use of corner shelves, wall cabinets, and over the toilet cabinets to help with the problem. In larger bathrooms this is usually not a problem as there is plenty of room for cabinets as well as using different standing pieces such as a chest of drawers, small tables, and cabinets.

Another nice addition in any bathroom décor if there is room for it is to add plants. Plants that do not need much light and enjoy humid climates should be used in smaller bathrooms that do not have much natural light. Plants that enjoy humidity and both natural and artificial light should be used in larger bathrooms to add to the bathroom décor.