Bathroom Decorative Accessory Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are many ideas for bathroom decorative accessories out there that are inexpensive, as well as places to get accessories for less than you think.

Bathroom Decorative Accessory Ideas:Start With The Big Stuff

First, think about your walls. The most inexpensive way to change your wall coverings is to use paint. It’s also the easiest to change when the muse strikes you.

As for your flooring, if currently have carpeting, it will be more expensive to change. Maybe you can just learn to like the carpet that you have in order to save the big bucks! If it is something other than carpet, however, one idea for decorating your bathroom with accessories is to first use vinyl squares on your floor. They are self-adhesive and very easy to install. Best of all, they can go over whatever flooring you have currently! Just clean the floor off well, let it dry, then put in your new floor! If you choose your flooring with the color of the room in mind (as you should) you can tie in the accessory ideas for your decorative bathroom to be attractive.

Other Large Items In Bathroom Decorative Accessory Ideas

After the big stuff is in, think next of the other larger accessory ideas for your decorative bathroom. Things like towels are easy to coordinate with the colors you choose for the walls and flooring. Take a swatch of the pain with you to the store where you buy your towels, and see which work best! Remember, there are many places to buy towels – you don’t have to go to the specialty store that charges full price. On the other hand, if you get towels with big loops that aren’t securely woven in and are made much more cheaply, you will likely be unsatisfied with your purchase quickly. Keep quality in mind – and keep your eyes open.

If you need a shower curtain, check various discount stores for the type you want. If you have a theme for your bathroom there’s a good chance you can find a coordinating shower curtain. You might prefer a plain curtain that ties in well with your colors rather than spending extra for that “perfect” shower curtain.

What about curtains or blinds for the window? It’s worth looking around for a lower prices curtain – the quality on curtains is not nearly as noticeable as it is on things like towels. Be sure to measure your window before you go shopping!

Extra Ideas For Bathroom Decorative Accessory Ideas

When decorating your bathroom with accessories, plants and flowers are a great finishing touch.
Plants are a real bargain for decorating. They can be found inexpensively – as cuttings from other plants you or a friend have or even bought at a dollar store! They bring a touch of nature inside, and help to freshen the air, too!

There are many other items that you can get for not too much money to tie in with the theme of your bathroom. Think about getting decorative soaps. They aren’t expensive, yet can lend a special “finished” look to any bathroom. If it is a beach themed bathroom, find shell soaps.

Also, look for inexpensive pieces of art for your bathroom walls. There are many sources, even your own or your children’s art!