A Multitude of

Bathroom décor ideas can range as far as the imagination and the tastes of the individual can stretch. Different people have different tastes, so bathrooms will range from simple, soothing colors, to a seashore theme, to western bathroom décor. The size of the bathroom also plays into the options in bathroom décor ideas because when there is a smaller space, certain colors do not work well, whereas in larger bathrooms, there are more options in colors and furniture.

Bathroom Décor Ideas: Options in Space

For smaller bathrooms, there are bathroom décor ideas that help individuals to add more space, both in storage and in the ‘feel’ of the bathroom. Smaller bathrooms, especially in older houses, often do not have much if any storage space which can be difficult from a practical perspective. If building cabinets around the sink is not an option, replacing the mirror with a medicine cabinet or adding a medicine cabinet to the side of the main mirror is a great idea for bathroom décor.

In addition, there are free standing shelves that are made to go over the toilet, so that the legs of the shelves stand on either side of the toilet tank. Both of these bathroom décor ideas give individuals space to store toiletry items, hair dryers, and other necessary bathroom items.

There are also small cabinets that stand on the floor that can be used to store extra towels, toilet tissue and any other extras desired. Corner shelving is another idea to add extra space for towels or other items in a small bathroom.

In order to make the bathroom seem larger, a bathroom décor idea is to add as much light possible to the bathroom. If it is possible to insert a skylight or winder into the bathroom, even if it is opaque glass blocks, it is a great way to make a small bathroom feel like there is more space. If adding a window or skylight is not an option, since it can get pricey, adding another light to the bathroom is very helpful. Small lamps can be added so that a new socket for the light does not have to be added and it can be placed on a shelf in the bathroom.

If it is possible to add more lighting fixtures, recessed lighting that is attached to a dimmer switch is a great option for any bathroom because then the individual has the option to make it as bright or dim as desired.