Things To Know About Office Depot Rebates

Getting discounts and saving money are truly appealing to customers. Saving extra cash on store purchases are surely encouraging particularly for regular customers. If you have a small business and you want to get good offers on office supplies and products, you should consider Office Depot rebates.

Office Depot rebates are usually from various manufacturers that are partners with the company. The rebates that they offer are mostly for consumable office products such as printer cartridges, toners and inks. You can get a $3 rebate offer per ink toner or cartridge that should not exceed the limit of 5 per day. Office Depot gift cards are given as rewards.

Recycled electronic items also have corresponding Office Depot rebates. Rebates for recycled office items are offered by the company to encourage companies, businesses and home owners to recycle and to buy recycled items. A $50 mail-in rebate is offered for those who will be trading in any printer for a qualifying HP printer. Electronic items such as laptops, can be traded in for Office Depot gift cards.

Customers can get savings from various office items through Office Depot’s mail-in savings request, which is also a rebates program. The mail-in program is supported by partner manufacturers as well. Select the manufacturer and product on the website first, then print the mail-in savings form. You’ll need to search the form in their database by inputting the product’s SKU, model and order number.

It is ideal to get a rewards card if you regularly buy consumable items from Office Depot. You can also save on cash through regular and weekly special offers. So make sure to check out these other Office Depot rebates and offers to see if they apply to your current office needs.

Office Depot rebates seem to be endless because as you go through the pages on their website, you will see offers on various products. Whether you shop for office furniture, supplies, printer inks or holiday specialties, there will always be an offer that can help you save on cash.